Radio over IP


Allstar is a radio over IP (RoIP) solution that enabled any number of repeaters to be linked over normal internet connections. Repeaters connect to Hubs, sharing their transmissions to any other repeater connected to that hub.

RAM Allstar Network

RAM maintains a network of repeaters linked via the allstar system. At many sites we utilize our point-to-point HSMM network that is co-located at repeater sites to provide internet connectivity to these repeaters.

Allstar Hubs

RAM runs two of our own allstar hubs to operate the provincial repeater network in their normal linked state. During provice wide nets the two hubs are linked together, providing a single provice wide coverage area across all RAM allstar repeaters.

Based on feedback from Winnipeg and rural repeater users, the hubs are being kept linked at all times.

Manitoba Hub - Node #478790

The Manitoba hub connects the wide-spread repeaters accross the province into a single coverage area.

Winnipeg Hub - Node #478791

The Winnipeg hub connects all of the repeater sites in the city of Winnipeg to provide a single connected coverage area across the city.

Remote Hub - Node #478792

This hub is allocated to allow remote users to connect to the RAM Allstar system. Hams who run their own Allstar node or use Echolink are requested to connect to this node specifically. The remote hub is configured not to broadcast any telemetry to the rest of the system so users can connect or disconnect at will without causing unnessary traffic.

Using The System

Allstar operates similar to repeater networks with traditional controllers. DTMF codes are input from the radio to send commands to the Allstar controller. Commands are normally input to the node that you are transmitting to.

DTMF Commands

*1<node_num> - Disconnect the specified node from the repeater node.

*3<node_num> - Connect the specified node to the repeater node.

*70 - Report the nodes connected to the repeater.

*560 - NOT ACTIVE Disconnect the Winnipeg hub from the Manitoba hub to separate the city and rural repeaters.

*561 - NOT ACTIVE Disconnect any repeaters that are not normally linked to the hubs and link the hubs together.